Urge Labrador, Simpson to close gender pay gap

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equal pay

Urge Labrador, Simpson

to close gender pay gap

Do you know what April 5 is this year? Itís the day that we ďcelebrateĒ when the typical woman working full-time in Idaho catches up to what a white male was paid for the previous year doing the same job and having the same duties. Thatís right, making 74 cents to a manís dollar means women must work more than three extra months! This is a significant pay gap. Women start out earning less and they never catch up!

In 1963, the Equal Pay Act was passed by Congress, but has not been widely enforced. Now there is the Paycheck Fairness Act awaiting passage in Congress which would help protect everyone in all states, by giving employers stronger incentives to follow the law, enhancing federal enforcement efforts, and prohibiting retaliation against workers asking about wage practices. Until then each state will continue operating under piecemeal laws to combat unequal pay if they even try to do such.

Please urge our Congressmen Labrador and Simpson to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, supporting the effort demanding equal pay NOW!


American Association of University Women


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