Call on congressman to support Alzheimer’s research

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a call for action

Urge lawmakers to

fund Alzheimerís research

The Alzheimerís Associationís 2017 Facts and Figures report found a soaring prevalence, lack of effective treatment and enormous costs for Alzheimerís and other dementias.

In Idaho, we now have over 24,000 people living with Alzheimerís and more than 81,000 family members providing their care. The 5.5 million Americans with Alzheimerís will grow to almost 16 million by 2050.

The federal government has been making progress towards shining light on Alzheimerís and other dementias, having doubled the small research budget in the last three years. Congress requires the National Institutes of Health scientists to submit a professional judgment budget each fiscal year to help guide the size of funding for Alzheimerís research.

I urge Congressman Raul Labrador, Sen. Mike Crapo and Sen. Jim Risch to support the scientistsí recommendation of a $414 million increase in Alzheimerís research. This increase will help achieve the national goal of a treatment for Alzheimerís by 2025.

I care about this because I have experienced this disease firsthand as I watched as my Mom suffered from, and lost, her battle with Alzheimerís. We need to find a cure so we can stop this horrific disease now.

Visit or call 800-272-3900 to learn more and get involved with the fight against Alzheimerís.


St. Maries

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